10 Free/Cheap Ideas to Add to your Summer Bucket List!

For some people, summer is already almost over- and if you are anything like me you were full of ideas for fun things to do when summer began, but now the creativity has worn off. So I wanted to share a list of some fun and easy things to do to end summer on a high note:

  1. Hike: This is a fun way to get out of the house and not spend a fortune, you could even print out a scavenger hunt to make it a game for your little ones while exercising.
  2. Community Splash Pad: No better way to see pure joy than kids at a splash pad. It is simple, fun and a way to be outside without completely melting.
  3. Find new recipes online and: Get messy and creative in the kitchen with your kids, let them contribute. This is a great way to teach them skills and safety that they can continue to build on.
  4. Used Book Store/Library: We have a bookstore in Nashville called “McKay’s” that my oldest loves – he is able to learn more about the concept of saving money since these books are heavily discounted. He found it really cool the amount of money we were able to save. The library is a great way to grow their interests and language for free. Plus libraries will have activities for kids of different ages. We just did a lego day that both of my boys loved. They made new friends and had a blast!
  5. Fancy Dinner: I don’t know about you but my children love the idea of going to a “fancy dinner” aka anything other than Chick-fil-A. This can be a great way to talk to them about the expectations of being in a nicer place and give them a chance to practice. And they can get all fancied up for the occasion.
  6. Lemonade Stand: Another great way to teach the concept of money and also giving, if you are able to find a cause to donate to they can make a sign saying where the money will be given. Two birds with one stone!
  7. Mail a Letter: Have your child write a letter to someone they miss, whether it be a family member that lives in another city or state or a pen pal. My oldest wrote a fan letter to some people with a Youtube Channel he loves!
  8. Pick Fruits/Veggies from a local place/farm
  9. Have a sleepover: Have your child pick out a special family member or friend to have over for a sleepover, let them pick out the evenings events and what they want to do that night.
  10. Build a fort: Get some sheets and let your child’s imagination go wild.