Meet Ginger

As a child born to deaf parents, I learned early on that I wanted to use my abilities to help others succeed, despite the obstacles or challenges they face.

“I am sometimes too much, and sometimes never enough. I believe you can have it all, you just have to be clear about what ‘all’ means to you.”

– Ginger Jones

I began my career as a speech language pathologist, but quickly realized that I could have a much greater impact if I shared my vision and grew my influence. As founder and CEO, of Jones Therapy Services, I grew our company to serve in 10 locations throughout Tennessee, reaching thousands of families, helping them navigate child development and the unique needs of their children.

My experience founding, leading and scaling an organization from the ground up, has given me the wisdom and humility to confront the challenges and opportunities facing so many organizations.  I’m constantly absorbing and distilling the latest information on child development and business best practices, striving to be a thought leader in the industry. I regularly share advice for business owners and helpful parenting tips on my blog.  I also speak at events and conferences, and even had the honor of presenting “People, Culture and Growth” at an entrepreneurs event on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

I approach all challenges with a posture of curiosity, determination and kindness, always working to uncover the best way to help my clients grow and improve.  My goal has always been to help others maximize their potential and realize their goals and ambitions. Whether it’s a family struggling to determine the best type of treatments for their child, or consulting with business leaders to efficiently manage resources and develop effective leadership teams, my passion is for helping people succeed and truly “have it all”.

I look forward to partnering with you to “Maximize Every Moment”.