40 Things I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

40 things I would tell my 20-year-old self

1. It’s important to know who you are not. It is ok if it takes you a hot minute to figure that out.
2. When you wear white, don’t drink coffee.
3. Anything or anyone who doesn’t make you feel more alive is too small for you
4. Nobody remembers your failures, but you. So don’t beat yourself up.
5. You are never your best when you are operating out of fear
6. One day your hands will look like your mom’s hands.
7. There is so much healing in hurt. Let it hurt, then let it go.
8. Wear sunscreen. ALL. THE. SUNSCREEN.
9. Follow your intuition. Never doubt that gut feeling or that voice in your head.
10. Everything and every person that comes into your life are here to teach you something. It’s your job to pay attention to the lesson.
11. Don’t wear something just because it’s in style if it doesn’t look good on you.
12. Don’t get in the tanning bed
13. Always, always do/say the thing that will feel good in 10 minutes, and 10 months, and 10 years.
14. Don’t worry about being perfect.
15. Those tough times. They will bring you to your knees. But they will also be the moments where you find your grit and your perseverance. And that, girl, will be how you know you can rise the next time you’re knocked down.
16. Time really does heal
17. If your family is healthy and safe then there is really nothing to worry about.
18. Those little moments that make up a day and a week and then months and a year, they are not little at all. Use them wisely. Pay attention. Listen to your heart. Be present.
19. Self-love is NOTHING without self-awareness. You can take all the bubble baths in the world and you won’t feel good about yourself until you take some good, long looks in the mirror and deal with your -ish.
20. People are always trying their best. Even when it doesn’t seem like it.
21. Learn to listen more than you speak.
22. Beginnings are hidden in endings.
23. Spend your time around people that are a breath of fresh air. And be that kind of person for everyone you come in contact with.
24. Big butts will be cool one day. So don’t stress. (Thank you, Kardashians!)
25. When you feel like you don’t belong when you don’t deserve a seat at the table, sit there anyway. You will learn SO much.
26. Don’t ever feel bad that you are naturally a leader. God didn’t give everyone that gift.
27. Bangs. No. Just no.
28. Comfort can make it easy to forget that you are not the biggest power in the Universe. Remember where you get your strength to be successful.
29. See?? You really didn’t need to know Algebra.
30. Go after every dream. I think you should just go for it. All of it.
31. Your change and growth will challenge others. Make no apologies for that.
32. If it’s not a hell yes, then it is a no. This is applicable in SO many of life’s situations.
33. Everything is always unfolding as it should be. You need only to be still.
34. Your life’s masterclass will be the balance between control and surrender. Have fun with that, Ginge
35. It’s amazing the clarity you can find when you are alone and quiet. Never underestimate the power of that time. Don’t trade it for anything.
36. You can cram your foot into pointy heels enough that your pinky toe no longer resembles a toe. This is one of the great trade-offs of your life.
37. It takes grace beyond what you can imagine you have to be kind in situations where someone is being cruel or unjust, but always be kind. Not a doormat, but kind.
38. What you put in your mind matters. Just like what you put in your body matters. You need mental immunity as much as your body needs its immune system.
39. Don’t wait until you are ready. Chances are you will never really be ready.
40. Don’t for one minute forget to be grateful for everything.