Creating Traditions for the Holidays

Holidays are coming and as your family grows and change you may be looking for new ways to celebrate your favorite holiday with the people you love. Here are some ideas that you could incorporate into your Holidays this year:

  • DIY countdown to Christmas- make one with your children, have them be a part of it because it will make them feel accomplished.  They will also love the excitement and the anticipation of the countdown each day, you could even make it more exciting by having something they open each day- you could wrap books in wrapping paper and they could open one book each day.
  • Start collecting ornaments – Each Christmas have your kids pick out their own special ornament, this is something that will excite them each year seeing them on the tree.  Plus the ornaments are something they can keep as they grow up and have the memories year after year. I would even imagine they could continue this tradition with their kids one day. It is a wonderful way to help your children feel the joy of Christmas year after year.
  • Create a Christmas Eve box- You can fill the box with matching pajamas, candy, popcorn, and a Christmas Movie to watch. Nothing is better than curling up with your favorite movie, family and cozy PJs to create memories they will remember forever.
  • Giving back- So many times people forget the true meaning of the holidays. A perfect way to remind your kiddos and yourself that it is much more than the gifts you receive I encourage you to find a charity that you decide as a family to give money to or volunteer your time to during the holidays. This will help show your children that they are able to help others in need no matter their age and hopefully will continue through generations.
  • Go look at lights in neighborhoods.  This is something super simple but so much fun… plus FREE. Take some hot cocoa along to make it extra special. My kids remember this the most about Christmas each year and it is the easiest thing to do!
  • Pick out a Christmas tree together.  If you are a real tree family, this is something that is awlays fun to do with the family. The kiddos will make amazing memories and you get the perfect photo opportunity! Your kids will love picking out the “perfect tree” and you will get pictures – it’s a win win! Pictures last a lifetime and so do memories.
  • Adopt a Salvation Army Angel or participate in Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. Let your children help you shop for the child you are helping and have them write them a handwritten note.  This will help your children feel accomplished and like they are giving back to a community. It will make them feel something bigger than themselves.
  • Have a special dessert that you make every year to eat with your holiday meal.  Your kids can help with preparation and cooking. This will be something they remember for years to come. I still remember baking pies with my grandmother growing up and it is something that only I did with her so it was extra special.

Hope you have fun checking this list off with your family, we would love to see you all in action.