How I Built My Leadership Team

I am acutely aware that much of my success has come from having the right people in the proper roles within my company. It is never about one person.  As my company has grown, it has been a necessity that I find the right people to help me.

When I was first developing my leadership team, I knew that I needed a group of people around me that could show me my blind spots, help me to maintain and share the company vision, and be a group I could count on to have my back at all times.  The next step was to figure out what qualities I wanted these people to possess if they were going to take a lead role in my company – that’s a big responsibility and a big decision for me, and for them. I had to be clear about these goals and guidelines with myself to be clear on my expectations for them.  Here are some of the traits and behaviors I look for when choosing leaders:

  • A curious attitude – people who have demonstrated that they are life-long learners and realize they have come far, and will always have further to go.
  • They have an owner vs. a renter mentality when it comes to the business.
  • They aren’t here for a while to get what they can from the company – they’re here to contribute and make it a better place for the good of everyone.
  • They are high performers.
  • They are enthusiastic and believe they are in control of their life; they don’t leave much up to chance.
  • They are self-aware and know who they are.
  • I can trust them and know they can trust me.

Iron sharpens iron. I genuinely believe that having a leadership team has made me a better leader.  They help me navigate difficult decisions, and they bring strengths and wisdom to the business that I don’t have.  They give me insights I would never have in my role as CEO, and I am so grateful to have them by my side as my business grows.