How I Handled Newborns and a New Business

Both of my pregnancies were worlds different. They were four and a half years apart, and so much changed from one to the other. By the time I had my second son, I was wiser, my company was in a different place, and my husband no longer owned the two companies he had owned when our first son was born.

Now this may sound like bragging, but I am incapable of going easy on myself. This was pretty evident when I was immediately back in the office after my first son was born. With my second, I had learned to give myself some grace that was much needed. I had learned to take a break, sit back and let other people (who I hadn’t had with me during my first pregnancy) take the reins – just for a minute.

With both newborns, I was definitely more forgetful. The key to making it through that was being incredibly transparent with my team. I made sure they knew I was working hard, and they were understanding. I told myself daily that it was a phase, and soon it would be totally different. They don’t stay that little for very long. This was a great lesson in prioritizing what matters, and in teaching myself that something has to give. Having a clean kitchen sink didn’t matter nearly as much as having a diaper bag packed for the next day; having perfect hair every day didn’t matter as much as getting an extra ten minutes of sleep (this is a phase in my life where I thanked God everyday for my long hair that could be easily pulled back into a bun).

The most important thing I learned during this time was to rely on people who have always had my back, and to never be afraid to ask for help. Being sleep deprived and 100% responsible for a tiny little human are some of the best reasons to ask those around you for support. You’ll find that they’ve just been waiting to jump in, to help you take care of the business or the baby, to do whatever you need them to do. Reach out, ask for a hand. If you can get ten minutes of someone holding that adorable little human (which people will absolutely be lining up to do!), you can answer ten emails.

Honestly, I got through having a newborn and a business by putting my head down, doing what I had to do, and hustling. It seems chaotic but once you prioritize and ask for help, you’ll find that you can absolutely do what needs done.