I Don’t Believe in Work/Life Balance

This whole work-life balance thing… I don’t get it.  Who came up with this and how did he or she convince everyone it was something they needed to be worried about?  I understand that people desire balance, want to feel like they are dedicating enough time to every area of their life, but I don’t think anyone no matter what your position in a company can feel like they are 100% balanced, 100% of the time.

My philosophy is this: I work my ass off while I’m at work and when I’m not at work, I’m doing something I enjoy doing – and I am fully present in both places. If you’re doing that, then you don’t need to worry about a work/life balance. An hour of being present with your family is worth much more if, while you were at work, you gave your all and are sure you did the most and the best you could do. If not – won’t you be distracted while you’re at home, or with your friends, and won’t that hour be worth something more like five minutes?

Don’t start a business if you’re worried about work/life balance. For a while, that’s something that’s going to be entirely unachievable for a new entrepreneur. In the beginning, your business is going to need most of your time. Sometimes you’ll be working 80 hours a week, and you won’t see anyone besides your work team or your computer screen – but that won’t last forever, and your weeks won’t always be like that. What matters during those weeks is that when you do get to do something outside of the workplace that you enjoy (because hopefully, even though it can be grueling work at the office, that’s also something you enjoy), you are fully present and engaged there.

When you get a breather, take it. Take care of yourself. Be with people you love, and fully engage with them. An afternoon of being fully engaged with your family is worth more than a week at home, worrying you’re missing something at work. I’ll say it again: be present. That’s the key.