Ways to Ensure Good Habits with your Kids in the New Year

We all seem to see a new year as a fresh start. A time to make ourselves better in one way or another. Why not let your kids in on this? Your kiddos are always watching and learning from you. Below are some great ways to ensure good habits with your kids in the New Year and throughout their life:

  • Be consistent. Stick to the rules in the house. Do what you say you will do. Don’t give up. If you break a rule or commitment to yourself, show your child was giving grace looks like.
  • Do things as a family and show your presence. Try having dedicated time to no devices being used while you spend time together. This is a great habit to teach older kids who may already be using their own devices. Even on days where work or commitments may limit your time, show your involvement by having a habit of checking in at some point in the day. This helps you to know what may be going on in your child’s life and helps you to stay engaged with their emotional status at any given time.
  • Practice gratitude – the more grateful you/your kids are the happier you all will be. There are small things you can do to practice gratitude in your home. Talk about one thing you are thankful for that happened that day during dinner or bedtime or write something you are grateful for every day on a piece of paper and put in a gratitude jar.
  • Good eating habits. Encourage a healthy diet with your family. When you do indulge in sweets or something that is not healthy, talk about it so your children can understand your values and reasoning around deciding to treat yourself in that way. You will no doubt feel better if you are making better food choices.
  • Being Active. This goes hand in hand with good eating habits. Getting in the habit of being active can help you and your child for the rest of your lives. Let your children help you choose the activities that will be the most fun for them to participate in.
  • Time Management. A new year is a great time to invest in a new system for keeping track of schedules and time. Maybe you are still old-school and use a paper planner or wall calendar or maybe you are all electronic. Either way, involve your kids in the ways you keep track of commitments and activities. This will help them as they grow and take on responsibilities of their own.

Hopefully, some of these ideas sound like ways your family can create some good and lasting habits. It takes time to acquire new habits so be patient with yourself and your kids. Make it fun and something you do as a family and your kiddos will enjoy doing it alongside you. Celebrate your successes along the way.